Rare Specimen Design

Photobook Design

We are a design studio with a passion for photography books and can help photographers and independent publishers put their vision in print.


Photobook Design and Development

Rare Specimen Design provides design and project management services for individuals and organizations interested in publishing photographic content. We offer concept development, image sequencing, interior design and typesetting, cover design, book dummy production, prepress management, budgeting, scheduling, print management, crowdfunding, and marketing.


Photobook design for Photographers

We offer a complete solution for self-publishing photographers who want their own artist-branded publication. We build personal relationships with photographers who want to realize their vision in book form. We help with the bookmaking process so they can retain control. We work collaboratively to find solutions that match our client's vision and also act as their advocate with printers and publishers to make sure their vision is consistent throughout the project. We take pride in our contribution to every project and ultimately know every detail of the finished book.

Photobook Publishers Network table at Polycopies 2016

Photobook Publishers Network table at Polycopies 2016

Independent Publishers

We work with independent publishers who need someone experienced in both the craft of photography and bookmaking. When working with independent publishers, we play a crucial role of balancing artistic vision and business decisions.


Book Dummies

In the era of digital creation, Rare Specimen Design believes in the importance of physical prototypes to help the design and decision making process. If you have a strong concept but need help creating a one-off book dummy, we can create custom layouts for print on demand services or design and produce custom made book dummies.

Design Services

In addition to book design, we offer design services for everything you need to promote a book or a business